Monday, July 13, 2020

Commodore 64 running in web browser

Open full size window:

  • Coded in TypeScript(/JavaScript) with some HTML of course
  • Portable (got a web browser right?)
  • Keyboard driver works best with Firefox
  • Works on Mobile and TV too (click on screen for configuration, help)
  • F9 to toggle Help
  • Recommend use wired or bluetooth keyboard instead of onscreen keyboard
  • This is based on my earlier efforts (see previous posts)
I coded this as a learning experience with TypeScript.  Go ahead and try it out!

Included features:
6502 Emulation, machine code
 Commodore 64 Text Screen
 Commodore Fonts: Uppercase/Graphics, Lowercase/Uppercase
 Commodore Colors: Foreground, Background, Border
 Commodore BASIC v2 (Microsoft)
 64K RAM
 20K ROM
 Attach D64 image
 Load directory from D64
 Restart with PRG image
 JavaScript speedloader to bypass slow C64 disk access
 Save/Download PRG
 Great wired/wireless keyboard support
 Keyboard scan code support - press/release, multiple keys support, separate left/right Shift
 Standard to Commodore keyboard symbolic mapping, add/remove Shift
 Special key mappings: Stop, Home, Restore, F1-F8, Ctrl, Commodore
 Mobile/TV browser keyboard support (but minimal)
 Clipboard paste support
 IRQ 60 times per second
 NMI on Restore key
 Works best with Firefox

Missing features or limitations:
6502 undocumented instructions
 Accurate, regulated instruction timing
 6502 emulation battery drain (one thread always running 100%, no idle sleep)
 VIC-II register support
 Device register support
 Programmable timers
 Serial Port - User Port
 High Resolution 320x200 and 160x200 graphics
 Multi-color text mode
 Programmable characters
 Joysticks, Paddles
 Cassette Tape
 Save to D64
 SEQ, RND, etc. files
 LOAD PRG from running program
 Positional keyboard mapping
 On-screen keyboard
 Clipboard copy
 A few graphic character key strokes (punctuation keys) may not be mapped yet
 Known issues with Google Chrome

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