Friday, September 21, 2012

USB RS-485 Adapter Through Hole PCBs

Here is my first PCB design that has gone to production. I redid the schematics of my original design now implemented in Eagle and also did a two layer PCB layout. I used Seeed's PCB service to produce the PCBs, ordered parts from Digi-Key and assembled them by hand. There were two mistakes with the board. Somehow I didn't connect VCC from USB, and inadvertently connected VCC to VUSB. Three cuts and three jumpers later and the boards work fine.


  1. ... and at least two silkscreen errors. header outline on the wrong side, and crystal caps outline missing.

  2. Awesome stuff. At least it's only the silk screen that's got a couple of errors. I've heard of people getting all the layers muddled and getting inside-out boards back.
    If you don't mind me asking, how much are Seeed charging?
    Nice one..

  3. All the mistakes were mine. Seeed did superb work with no mistakes. From memory, it was less than $10 for 10 dual layer pcbs plus about $4.50 shipping. Prices and policies may have changed since.

  4. Ok, not bad then. Good to get a recommendation/idea of costs. Thanks.

  5. And I got 2 extra "free" boards as I was lucky enough to receive 12 instead of just 10.