Monday, March 19, 2012

Arduino Ethernet Shield

Shield shown ready to use with FEZ Panda II and WIZnet module
Here is another Ethernet shield for Arduino.  It mates an Arduino Duemilanove or compatible board with the WIZnet WIZ811MJ module.

This module and shield is compatible with the standard Arduino Ethernet library because it uses the underlying W5100 chip.  It is also compatible with GHI Electronic's FEZ Panda II which runs on Microsoft .NET Micro Framework and includes networking libraries for W5100 compatible boards.

An Arduino style microcontroller must have its SPI lines at D13 (SCK), D12 (MISO), D11 (MOSI) to be compatible with the wiring of this board.  This should include the Arduino UNO, Secret Lab's Netduino, and similar boards.  Other boards may not be compatible.

The benefit of this board is to continue the support the reuse of the WIZ811MJ module by providing a socket.  I can continue to reuse the module with other microcontrollers.  I don't claim any originality in this design.  Others have manufactured similar shields in the past.

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